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My gram gave me these pictures saying, “I’m still mad at you, but I found these and look how cute you are! Or were. I’m still mad.” Mixed signals…

You were a cute kid… what happened?!

Oh you’ll regret this one!

My gram gave me these pictures saying, “I’m still mad at you, but I found these and look how cute you are! Or were. I’m still mad.” Mixed signals…

Taylor Swift | Stay Stay Stay

You took the time to memorize me
My fears, my hopes, and dreams
I just like hanging out with you all the time
All those times that you didn’t leave
It’s been occurring to me 
I’d like to hang out with you for my whole life
Stay. I’ll be loving you for quite some time
No one else is gonna love me when I get
Mad mad mad
So I think that it’s best if we both stay
Stay stay stay stay stay stay 


“I can’t promise that, they may get ruined in the process. But I’m sure the outcome will be worth it.” Whether he actually would put them or not was debatable, but he’d pretty much do anything for a laugh. If she wanted him to do it, he would. “I will get to see, that’ll be very interesting. You are going to be drinking, by the way,” he said, raising his eyebrow at her. “I need to see what happens when you get some alcohol in you.”

He just laughed at her, shaking his head. He always mocked, she should know that by now. It was just what he did, he did it to everyone. “Oh right, how could I be so daft?” he asked, mocking her again. It was basically his second language. “You definitely should, it suits you.” It was the little things he liked best about this relationship, like how he told her he likes her in blue and that she’d wear it just for him. It just made this whole thing so easy. “Oh you’ll brag about me? You should already be doing that!” He looked up at her, winking. “Kidding. I think after these they’ll tell you to find another guy who can do them better, but you won’t because you love me too much.” He doubted any other boyfriend would do this so easily, and she obviously knew that too. He didn’t see what the big deal was, it wasn’t like they were his nails getting painted. He would draw the line at that. “Well you can but don’t stare! It’ll make me feel like your making little comments in your head or something, which I know you are!” he said, narrowing his eyes at her when she tickled his wrist and threatening to spill her polish all over her bed. “Don’t test me, I will dump this all over you, a pre-gaming paint glow.” He didn’t dare look up at her, pinching her when she moved to grab her phone to play music and he smudged some on her middle finger, groaning and wiping it away. “Nice, look what you made me do! Too lazy to tell me a story and you made me smudge my beautiful work.” If he could bother to look up at her he would, but he was too busy concentrating on doing this and having it actually come out decent. Or semi-decent. He’d settle for that. “Aw, our song. Okay fine, this works, you get a pass,”he said, wincing as he painted her thumb and pretty much painting more of her skin that her nail. “This is so frustrating wow. How do you do this all the time? I’d get so mad constantly.”

"Fine, but then you have to buy me a new pair of pants to make up for it. Fair is fair." But they probably wouldn’t get ruined, unless Ryan tried really hard to pull them up all the way and then maybe they could. Who knows. She looked up at him, rolling her eyes, "I was planning on drinking anyway, it’s a party." Sure, she didn’t drink that much at all, outside of parties, or anything. She just didn’t ever feel like it, but she felt like it tonight. And Ryan would be around, which would make it easier. No creeps to worry about. "I’m pretty much the same, just more.. hyper and… out of control, sort of." She’d been known to get a bit rowdy, before. "You’ll see."

"Stop it! You’ll be going out tonight if you mock me once more." But of course she couldn’t say it without laughing. And practically every time he mocked her, she laughed too. It was hard not to. He just had a way about it, it was funny. He never meant it in a mean way. Unless they were fighting, but they weren’t. It was funny, they never fought much in person. Except for that time in the beginning… but still. "Well I will. My boyfriend knows best," She smiled, enjoying the fact that he had no problem telling her what he liked her in. He did it a lot. Whether it was colors, or a shirt he pointed to in her closet, or a dress they saw in a window walking by one of the stores that she’d drag him into if she didn’t think he’d whine his way out. He was just sweet like that, and in return she always wanted to wear those things. It’s just how they worked. "Oh that’s definitely what’ll go down, yes. ‘Your boyfriends painted your nails like an absolute idiot! Time to get rid of him!’" She smirked, leaning forward and kissing the corner of his mouth, not exactly wanting to mess him up but enjoying the look on his face when she did. "I do love you too much. Finally, you’re right about something." Except Ryan was right about a lot of things. He was pretty damn smart. "I’m not making little comments! Unless I’m thinking about how damn attractive you are, then in that case, yes I am." She placed her free hand underneath his hand so that he wouldn’t spill the bottle, giving him a look. "This doesn’t even glow, it wouldn’t be cool, so watch it." She looked away once he smudged her middle finger, trying really hard not to laugh. But she knew the sides of her mouth were giving her away. "Sorry I ruined your beautiful work," She looked back at him, just in time for him to practically paint half her nail and half her skin. She couldn’t help but laugh this time, "Ryan! The thumb is like the easiest part! Are you kidding right now?" She asked through laughter, taking her free hand and wiping some off the excess polish off herself. It wasn’t like she was expecting a perfect manicure  she wasn’t. She would definitely enjoy saying her boyfriend gave it to her, though. Whether it was good or not.. which it was leaning more towards the ‘not’ at this point.